We are going to grow with the Global Biking Initiative - in several dimensions: number of countries, number of participants, total raised fund, number of events per year.

To support our growth strategy, we are looking for volunteers who are willing to invest a good amount of their time to develop the GBI to the largest charity ride on this planet.

A central umbrella organization is managing the Global Biking Initiative and e.g. runs the GBI Europe or some other country local GBI events. In addition, in each GBI country, a local organization is taking care of their local charity and participants.

The central organization is based on the four major divisions Communications, Locations, Operations and Marketing & Sales, supported by an office organization. On director level as well as within each division, we have volunteering opportunities.

Please find out more by reviewing the job advertisements below.

As the GBI is all about charity, we try to keep our operational costs at an absolute minimum. We therefore don't pay salaries, all effort is done on voluntary basis.

But there are still some very good reasons to join us permanently! You will be part of a small team with entrepreneur spirit, act autonomously, contribute best with your skills or even improve them. We'll cover your expenses and you could join our events for free (except required funds). We'll have a nice staff party twice a year and we'll meet on regularly basis over the year. And the most important aspect: You will become part of a multi-cultural international team, working for the good cause and developing the world's largest charity cycling event.

We look forward to discuss your particular interests, aims and the offered opportunities!
Just drop us a note: info@gbi-event.org

weekly avg. affortWeekly avg. effort
Tour Guide
DescriptionPlanning & organizing cycling tours, participant care, onsite tour guiding
weekly avg. affortpart-time
Director Marketing and Sales
DescriptionSponsoring, ArtWork, Promotion, VIP
weekly avg. affort5-10 h
Head of ArtWork
DescriptionMarketing material, Video material, PowerPoint presentations, designs and layouting (using Adobe Creative Cloud)
weekly avg. affort1-5 h
Head of External Affairs
DescriptionPatronage, Ambassadors, Politics
weekly avg. affort1-3 h
Head of Promotion
DescriptionPromotion to participants, creation of marketing material, planning and execution of promotion events
weekly avg. affort1-3 h
Head of Sponsoring
DescriptionAcquisition of new sponsors (hunting), (key-) account management of existing sponsors (farming), sponsoring concept
weekly avg. affort2-5 h
Head of VIP Service
DescriptionVIP Event, acquisition and support of VIPs prior to, during and after events
weekly avg. affort1-3 h, 7x24 during event