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Eco Nubia Ecolodge

Reviving the Nubian heritage - Creating a new Ecotourism spot in Egypt

Eco Nubia project is located on Bigeh Island, which is considered as an archaeological site situated
along the Nile River in historic Nubia, and within the Aswan Governorate of southern Egypt. The island has
been situated in the reservoir of the Old Aswan Dam, since the dam's initial completion in 1902.
Eco Nubia is a new Ecolodge aiming to promote the eco-friendly lodging with authentic Nubian food and
beverages, and unique beach area directly on the Nile surrounded by the amazing nature of the island. The
project also includes a community center that is suitable for organizing events with a unique view
overlooking the famous Philae temple.


Our project scope:

We aim to help original inhabitants of the island to rebuild their houses, using the same old techniques of Nubian Architecture, and develop a complete utilities network (Water – Sewage – Electricity) in an ecofriendly way, to protect the island’s natural heritage.
We also wish to add the island to the Egyptian ecotourism map, with all related services such as:
lodging in Nubian houses, revive authentic Nubian food recipes and drinks, community center for locals and visitors’ events, Nubian handcrafts preservation.

Project will work on the following methods in order to insure sustainability of all activities:
- Training for island’s inhabitants on the methods of building with rocks and mud to be able to fix whatever needed in their buildings in future
- Training the island’s inhabitants on the new water treatment and waste management techniques in order to be able to maintain the system in future
- Involve the islands people in the management of the ecotourism activities in order to be able to run the business them selves in future
- Help craftsmen and craftswomen of the island to find suitable markets for their products, and train them on Sales and marketing techniques
- Make sure that the economical value for activities on the island is more appealing than working outside.

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