Delivery Options

Basically you have three delivery options, shipment to your destination, hand-over of the order or delivery by e-mail.

If you choose the shipment option we will send you the order as insured shipment by DHL with extra shipping fee (fee depending on the choosen country). If you buy only books (e.g. the GBI Tourbook) we offer an additional uninsured books shipment with reduced fees. Choosing shipment to a county outside the European Union may lead to additional customs fees charged to you by your local customs authorities, but the VAT will not be invoiced.

For those who will join a GBI Europe Tour it may be more convenient to choose our hand-over option. Here we will pack your order into your starterbag, which you will get at the onsite registration at the start location of the tour. You could also choose hand-over at the Vodafone Campus in Düsseldorf/Germany, if it is more convenient to you. Due to fiscal laws also non-EU inhabitants will be charged with the VAT when choosing the hand-over options.

If you only choose products from the category 'Voucher', we will send you the voucher with a registration code via e-mail, without any shipment fees.