Parent GBI organisation

The global organization’s main focus is on continuously developing the Global Biking Initiative in multiple dimensions by:

development of the global footprint by adding new countries to the global GBI map,

attracting  more and more people to cycle with us every year,

increasing the raised funds by investing some of our time in supporting less privileged people in the world.

Therefore we organize the main cycling event, the annual GBI Europe tour, attended by several hundred participants from all over the world and crossing multiple countries as well as some regional events.

Local GBI organisations

Local GBI organizations in the different countries focus mostly on the participants and on the local charities, by:

organizing fundraising activities prior to the annual GBI tour, but also during the entire year,

working closely with the local supported charities and making sure that the raised funds are invested in the best way for long-term intended purposes,

communicating with the participating cyclists,

organizing the preparation phase for the annual GBI tour, especially by building local teams.

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