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"ULICA foundation’s  basic mission is to look for the people and for theorganizations whoalready help or who are willing to help the children and teenagers living on the streets. The foundation is also set up looking for those people who want to go beyond …. beyond their local yard and who want to search for different alternatives in life.  What’s more ULICA Foundation is also responsible for supporting those people, who fight for every child, even for this most rejected one, deprived from pride and childhood.

We believe that together we can change the world – even if it’s this small, local one which very often seems unjust and unfair, which is based on a lie and manipulation. We believe that by joining our forces, talents skills and abilities we will manage to restructure the world by means of frankness, sincerity and honesty.

The foundation’s main goal is counteracting and preventing from social marginalization and organizing, initiating, conducting, and supporting any social reintegration programs directed towards individuals, families and  communities being excluded or communities endangered by exclusion in their natural habitats. Moreover, one of the goals is al integration of professional environment  that is people and organizations that act for the benefit of the children and their families who are menaced by social exclusion. It takes a form of trainings, apprenticeships, consultations, supervisions and conferences.

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