Darrajati Cyclist Team
The Darrajati cycling team of Saudi Arabia supports Saudi charities with their participation of the GBI Europe tour.

We support

Saudi Society of Autism
SSA is one of the institutions that take care of autistic people and provide them with all the possibilities for social communication.


More information: http://saautism.org/autism/archives/4760


Sanad Children's Cancer Support Association
Its aim is to support centers of children cancer in the Kingdom with all needed from financial and in-kind resources and provide social and shelter services to the patients and their needy families after conducting the field research; as well as prepare educating and learning programs to patients and their families about children cancer disease and how to deal with it.

Vision of Sanad Association

Reach each child who suffers from children cancer and support him and his family.

Message of Sanad Association

We are a Saudi Charitable Association that seeks to create a supportive environment and employ necessary support resources to achieve full support of sick children with cancer through employment of unique resources and services effectively and efficiently to alleviate the social and psychological effects on the children and their families.

Our Goals

  • Collect ways of support and assistance to centers of children cancer in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and that by psychological, social and financial support of the sick children with cancer and their families and stand on the family’s needs and ensure immediate services during the treatment period of the sick children (lodging, living and transportation).
  • Provide outreach-training programs to the sick children and their families about cancer disease and how to deal with it; and raise awareness in the society about cancer disease and ways to fight and prevent it.
  • Encourage and support studies and research in the field of children cancer.
  • Coordinate and integrate with involved governmental and private sectors.


More information: http://www.sanad.org.sa

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