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Ojos del mundo

Eyes of the World (Olhos do Mundo) Mission & Objectives

Olhos do Mundo is a not-for-profit organisation supporting the visually impaired and people who lack means in poor countries to receive quality eye care from local health services, creating conditions to reduce the incidence of eye disease in each location.

 The Foundation’s strategic objectives are:

  • Improve the visual health of people with eye disease in the countries where we work.
  • Train health professionals and local doctors; develop technical knowledge in ophthalmology and optics.
  • Provide ophthalmology and optics resources (equipment and consumables) to the health facilities where we work.
  • Prevent avoidable causes of blindness through information-sharing campaigns and hygiene promotion.
  • Contribute to improving eye health systems and procedures.
  • Raise awareness in communities on basic eye health care.

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